"What you do has far greater impact than what you say."

- Stephen Covey (Quote of the week)

What is GIC?

In order to spread good across the world, this group brings together a team of intellectual problem-solvers who confront obstacles with a collective force and a pure passion. Read more

How Did This All Start?

It all started on an icy trip to Niagara Falls in February of 2011. Co-founders Dave Andrews and Ben Ulrich went on a weekend sabbatical to escape from the rigors of college academia. They found their retreat on the freezing mist of the St. Lawrence River. This cathartic experience led to an epiphany: what if they could form a group that was purely focused on doing ‘good’ in the world? Read more

Recent Projects

Kids Connection Haiti: KIDS CONNECTION HAITI was founded to help underprivileged youth in Haiti by creating life changing opportunities. Focusing on post-orphanage services, KCH provides support for the next step in life and by doing so we offer a unique, innovative program that will help young Haitians close the gap between childhood and an independent, adult life. Read more